Friday, January 8, 2010

Delft Inspired Goodies

I couldn't stop thinking about Delftware after doing todays post (below) that included a beautiful delft-tiled kitchen, so I thought I'd get it all out of my system and gather as many interesting delft inspired images as I could find. There were lots to chose from. My favorite is the upholstered chair....and the image below it?...that's a delft embellished platform shoe! How about that loo?.... pretty amazing considering it's from the 1600's ( sorry i seemed to have misplaced the link).
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  1. Hi love Delft and all blue and white anything! I collect blue and white plates - and faience and Quimper plates. I had started to re-do my kitchen in a blue and white theme (with gorgeous white crackle tile with blue rope tile border)...white cabinetry with a sanded back to blue on the interior panel edges - very Scandinavian looking. My faience and Quimper were placed as a band around the ceiling. Plus I purchased a lovely impressionistic water color floral patterned tile for either the inset of my kitchen island or above the cooktop. When I finally did the total remode of our first floor - the surrounding rooms had more earth tones - so I completely changed my kitchen to reflect that new color scheme.

    Now - I plan on using those tiles in my master bath, when that remodel gets going. My bedroom and bath will be in tones of blue and white - because I just love that look.

    Thank for your posts! Lovely images!

    Linda Leyble