Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Quilling is something I've never tried or,frankly, that I'd have the patience for but the results are so pretty and dainty.The artform came into being  during the Renaissance when nuns and monks used gilded paper strips to ornament book covers and religious items.During the 18th century, it was considered an acceptable past-time for "ladies of leisure" as it was not too taxing on their delicate minds and fragile constitutions (wikipedia). I'll just leave that one alone..........


  1. You've found some great examples. I hope you'll give quilling a try sometime. Yes, it takes patience, but what doesn't?! Once you know how to do it, it becomes really relaxing to do.

  2. Such pretty examples! Did you find any good how to sites? I'm currently wrapped up in paper flowers and this seems like a natural transition.

  3. Hi Bregan,
    actually Ann, who commented above, has a great blog where she gives tips on quilling with links to video and books on the subject.Good luck...I'm thinking of trying my hand at it too!