Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pattern Inspiration

I am a pattern junkie.I admit it.I have amassed quite an extensive archive of images that inspire me in my quest to decipher and create attractive surface design patterns and thought I'd share a few with you ....some I like for the imagery and layout, some just for the color combination.All are inspirational to me.I love designing's like, well, doing crossword puzzles or even meditating.The rest of the world melts just away. Some of my work can be seen on my other blog, but all things inspirational  to me are found right here.


  1. Yowza - I had to go lie down after checking out that post. Those are some great patterns. Really nice. It's wonderful that art is so calming for you :-)
    Have a great holiday weekend Shawn,

  2. Please see my blog for a mention and a link in my Fabulous Friday post! XX Gypsy Purple