Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Tiny Victorian Cottage

Hello everyone! I'm back and sooo happy to be blogging again.I just needed a little break to tend my garden and I also started a new tumblr blog (I can't help myself!) to display many, many unique "mini-posts" (not my usual post with a gazillion images) I've accumulated over the past year.Take a's called amuse-bouches.The pics below are from a recent New York Times that showcased this tiny gal with a dream and tons of gumption.She turned a run down hunting shed in the Catskills into her idea of a romantic getaway....and she did most of the work herself with a budget of $3000. A.mazing. Read more here.

Images from the New York Times.


  1. Oh, lovely, so lovely cottage ! ...a dream !..and I love your blog, too ! Have a nice day !

  2. Thanks is surely a great spot to dream.