Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fashion Photography by Mario Sierra

I'm not saying I'd wear all of these but they're certainly over the top elegance and loads of fun to look at. Beautiful images by Mario Sierra.


  1. OK. I have been drooling over your blog for months now and today is the day I step out to tell you how fabulous your images are. They are always images I would have chosen myself. I love your wide range of interests. Every day when I come over to your blog, I realize I have a "sister" in the USA! I even envy you for your chain saw loving husband!!! I have a chain saw, but no husband... please excuse any grammatical mistake since French is my first language. OK. I am leaving now but will be back every day! Louise in Ste-Adele (north of Montreal, in the Laurentians mountains, where I live deep in the woods, in my small mountain cottage).

  2. It's so great to hear from you....I was feeling quite lonely!
    Thanks for visiting and for your comment.Your mountain cottage sounds divine.....keep the chain saw handy.You never know when you'll need one (according to hubs).