Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Anthropologie wish list

Well, so much for my break. I'm absolutely and totally ( redundant I know) addicted to blogging.So  I'm back.I just learned, much to my surprise, that my hubby reads my blog! I never would have guessed. Hi big guy.....feel free to comment. This post is for my hubs, who hasn't been feeling too well lately. Not that Anthropologie is his cup of tea.... but I just can't do sports cars or chain saws......


  1. I spy measuringcups! I have the lot in my cupboard but have never used them as I do not know how to bake with them...I´m used to grams and decilitres;)

  2. I love everything in this post! You may also like bedding from Echelon Home!

  3. Love the measuring spoons, saw them recently on a trip there. Also craving their quilts and plates! Everything really :)Post for you and to share what you love, I can assure you people read it!

  4. seriously, i love everything pictured. you have great taste.