Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Photographer: Lars Ranek

I'm a big fan of anything worn and grungy,informailty and eclecticism.Guess that's why the images of Lars Ranek really speak to me.........more here

Stylist: Rohini Wahi

I love the artistic styling of Rohini Wahi, above.In particular, I really like the subdued palette and textured elements....a certain painterly style.More here

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Digital Collages

Just thought I'd share some of my digital collages with you....this media is very new for me but I'm totally addicted.The infinite possibilities including the ability to incorporate various vintage textures are so much fun.I can hardly tear myself away......

Interesting bedroom

This bedroom caught my eye, literally.I found the artwork , well, captivating?........
from this month's Architectureal Digest

Guest Room

The guest room above was featured in British Country Homes and Interiors this month .It looks so inviting...thought I'd share it with you, as we all get ready for the season's house guests.Love the little seasonal touches.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Artist: Pina Delvaux

Another artist I admire is Pina Delvaux.I love the vintage feel of her art boxes above and she pairs her whimsical "objets trouvais" perfectly.A winning combo.....More found here.

Artist: Georgina Ferrans

I have recently "discovered" digital collage art and I am totally smitten.Not surprising then that the work of Georgina Ferrans (aka Phizzychick) caught my eye.The colors and textures are gorgeous, as are her arrangements.Pages of her art journal are above along with her artwork available for sale on etsy.