Friday, January 29, 2010

Shopping : Fairlyte Interiors

Melissa White is the at the helm of Fairlyte studio which is based on the coast in Hastings,England.There she paints fresco secco panels, textiles, interiors and furnishings based on historic designs including the Elizabethan style. Common to her work is an aged patina, especially the fresco secco panels for which she has perfected a technique that gives the delicious look of crumbled peeling plaster. Visit her etsy store here and her website here.

French Antiques: Tongue in Cheek

What a terrific trove of goodies on display in the online store of brocante hunter Corey Amaro who, poor thing, lives in the South of France and spends all her time, well, brocante shopping.Every week she posts her goodies online with prices (reasonable and includes shipping). She also has a blog that chronicles her life in France with recipes and getaways.A wonderful little french reprieve.........

Artist:Mary Woodin

Delightful delicate watercolors by Mary Woodin, a UK based artist and author of The Painted Garden which showcases illustrations of seasonal plants from her garden.Mary was originally trained as a textile designer, and it certainly shows in her wonderful surface designs. Love her playful saturated images.