Friday, January 8, 2010

It's the weekend!

We're in a snowy deep freeze here in the North East.I'm planning on laying low by a fire...... see you all Monday!
Image by aztec girl. Via the lovely blog Beauty, Comma.

Delft Inspired Goodies

I couldn't stop thinking about Delftware after doing todays post (below) that included a beautiful delft-tiled kitchen, so I thought I'd get it all out of my system and gather as many interesting delft inspired images as I could find. There were lots to chose from. My favorite is the upholstered chair....and the image below it?...that's a delft embellished platform shoe! How about that loo?.... pretty amazing considering it's from the 1600's ( sorry i seemed to have misplaced the link).
 Click on corresponding* to link.

Photography: Paul Barbera

Fabulous photography by Paul Barbera, who works out of Australia and Europe.I love the blue and white tile in the kitchen closer to top....reminds me of Deftware pottery. Visit his website here.

Vintage Toys

I found these vintage/retro toy trucks and guns so nostalgically attractive and artful.I love the worn patina and quaint decorative paint trim and logos. My favorite is the little turquoise jeep.....Images from Classic Country Toys by Bruce Wexler.