Friday, February 5, 2010

Decor:Time at Home

Cozy unpretentious country images abound in the book Time at Home by Meg and Steven Roberts. Comforting as a cup of tea....with honey.

Ephemera: Holy Cards

One does not need to be religious to appreciate the creative beauty of these Holy cards. I love all the detail work and the aged appearance.All are part of the personal collection of self described history buff azulejo620 who has more visible on his flickr stream.

Artist: Iain MacArthur

These astonishing illustrations by British artist Iain MacArthur are so dynamic and meticulously detailed.I'm really enjoying his ability to create such artful explosions that seem to blossom out of the subjects heads........really unique.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shop and Decor:Lea of Butik Noe

This gorgeous apartment in an 18th century building in central Copenhagen is the home of shop owner Lea of Butik Noe.Her lively style, evident in her line of products , is displayed throughout the apartment and even her fridge is a kaleidoscopic! (love it).Apartment pics from here.