Friday, November 20, 2009


A hodgepodge collection of interiors I really you can see, my taste is pretty broad....From Hyperlove, Indian Summer and Sweet Home Style.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chinese Folk Art: Yu and Ren Ping

I love the soft colors and slightly contemporary feel of these beautiful stencils and paper cut-outs by chinese folk artists Yu and Ren Ping.Another wonderful find courtesy of Peacay at BibliOdyssey

Julien Oppenheim

Above is a mix of images taken by the very talented Julien Oppenheim.....interiors ranging from uber-casual to high-brow.The first 2 images are of the Hong Kong Harbor, only because it was in her portfolio and hubby is over there on business....and I miss him.........

Boutique: Vox Populi

Above are beautifully distressed photos of "objets" from the french boutique Vox Populi. The objects themselves are stunners but the coup de grace is the "antique mirrored" look of the of art in themselves.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seasonal Decor

I am a big fan of British decor magazines.In particular, British Homes and Gardens have such beautifully informal country interiors-not too frou-frou or overly modern. Above are some images from their December edition,some with understated seasonal touches.

Monday, November 16, 2009

victorian music covers

I find these vintage music covers really appealing....the aged patina, ornamentation and (sometimes) comical images are so endearing.Lots more here.This find courtesy of the wonderful Peacay of BibliOdyssey.

Gudrun Sjoden

I broke down and ordered the new catalog by Scandinavian company Gudrun Sjoden after seeing some images floating around the blogosphere.I love the colors and easy style of their line, which includes clothing and home decor.Also the catalog images were taken in majestical Bhutan, a place I'm dying to go to (but only a few tourists are allowed in each year... to preserve it's beauty).