Friday, May 14, 2010

Haute Couture Wish List

Let's make believe we were invited to a really formal event like the Oscars and we had to shop for an outfit to wear.Money no object.I love haute couture, not that I could afford it ( who can except celebrities?) and I'm so inspired by the incredible get-ups that some of these designers come up with when they let their creativity run wild.Here are just some of my faves, although the first couple are a bit too Lady Gaga-ish for me, but I just couldn't resist. We are making believe here..... Love that little Judith Leiber elephant tote.

Blog Crushes

I've recently discovered ( for me) 3 new blogs I absolutely adore that are full of wonderful illustrations and ephemera .Words and Eggs, Journey Round my Skull and Agence Eureka have some of the best and most varied typographic and vintage illustrations on the net, IMHO (I also include Bibliodyssey in this category).I could get lost for hours trolling through these sites, picking out candy like a kid. The following is just a sampling. Lots more to drool over but be sure you have ample free's addictive.