Friday, March 12, 2010

Stylist: Eva Lindh

Stylist Eva Lindh communicates a quintessentially Swedish refinement and radiance with her photos.A good thing as she's quintessentially Swedish and also very accomplished, judging from her portfolio.Her christmas photos are stunning, but as we're past that I tried to showcase more of her springlike images. See more here.

Artist: Daniel Sean Murphy

Artist Daniel Sean Murphy was trained as a classical painter and illustrator, but feels his current artform, i.e. paper sculpture (yes, these are all made from paper) is best suited to his love of painting and creating sculptural forms. I love the fact that he approaches high brow (cartier watch) and more mundane items (apple peel) with equal panache.

Artist: Knitalatte

I had no idea you could have so much fun with stones! I love how these covered stones  have been artfully arranged with other natural elements. It's such an inventive way to incorporate decorative crochet designs with nature. Visit Knitalatte's blog for more info or etsy store where she sells prints of her lovely groupings.