Friday, July 23, 2010

Soft Pinks

Here's a collection of images featuring dreamy pinks, my favorite hue. I especially love the lacy pink head covering and the old Mother Goose illustration with traces of pale pink and a worn patina. One can never have too much pink is my motto ( or one of them at any rate). Have a great weekend everyone! If you're in the Northeast....stay cool.Or try to...

Why Can't I Take Pictures Like These?

Here's another very talented photographer found on flickr. MayaLee's images are so crisp and muddiness as seen in my photos (I'll spare you). She does lovely work with simple flower arrangements, doesn't she? Visit her blog (in Swedish) or flickr for more.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bazaar Style ....again

Good morning! Here's a selection of lovelies from one of my favorite pools on flickr (I'm definitely a flickr groupie)...Bazaar Style. This should get you going this am...a bright and colorful start to the day. Love all the contrasting patterns and loads of pink, orange and turquoise....all my favorite colors. Please be sure to check out my tumblr blog if you like what you see here for more inspirational fodder.