Friday, June 18, 2010

Decayed Decadence

Photos of deliciously decayed decadence ( say that 3 times fast) by Michael Eastman , a photographer with some pretty impressive credentials (his work is exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, among others).These images are from Cuba, a place that seems to have an abundance of glorious old buildings past their prime. I think they're even more beautiful when they show their age.Don't you?
Found via my current blog crush Harmoni og Kontrast.

Chanel Resort 2011

I love Chanel.Not that I have the body (or the deep pockets) to wear any of these but if I did, well, I would.How can you resist those knee-high lace up sandals, yummy stripes and ruffles or that pink crochet ankle length skirt with matching shawl thingy.And I'm really liking the trend of wearing  knee high boots in warmer weather, something I've been noticing more of in Manhatten. Love boots.Images from here.

Chinese Couture

I love looking at couture clothing from other cultures.I regard coututre fashion as a high art form and the varied cultural expressions seen amongst different nations is fascinating. For example here are some gowns from the Chinese couture line-up. All richly detailed often with distinct Chinese elements that are  unique and exotic.
Images without a * are by designer Guo Pei  from here.All others click * for link.