Friday, December 11, 2009

Sarah Kaye Stylists

The agency of Sarah Kaye Representation has a consistently high quality team of stylists and photographers.Every image is a feast, whether ebullent with color or of a more serene pace.All images from the stylists portfolio at Sarah Kaye.

More Christmas Finery

More pretty seasonal imagery from your friendly Christmas Elf.......only 14 days to go.Images courtesy of 500 Christmas Ideas by Kimberly Meisner.

A PINK frolic.....

* *
I love the color pink...whether it is a vibrant magenta or a dusky rose or any value in between.It's definitely my favorite color.This post is a celebration of the pink hue in its many forms..Credits (from top): 1. kiwigal  2. law keven  3. bugsandfishes  4. edwindejongh  5. hollandfabrichouse                         6. thinkoutsidethebox 7. sweettiers 8. suchprettythings  9. andzer  10. whidbychick    
11. pinkapron 12. mrybuckler 13. brandy shaul 14. r*ceyt*y 15. artflow 16. wklager   17. bridgy2008 18. mo 19. chocolita 20. sweetpea 21. hibb08 22. little twinklesphotography 23. cannelle-vanille          24. ieatstars  25. ciel photography      26. LILLI*fee