Friday, July 9, 2010

The Loaded Trunk

                  Roni Jaco is the proprietor of the wonderful global store The Loaded Trunk, which displays many cultural goodies from, well, all over the globe. Roni seems to be an intrepid traveler and lover of traditional ethnic arts which goes a very long way in my books. She has on offer gorgeous quilts from India, Turkish tinned copper, Balinese baskets and suzanis from Uzbekistan, to name just a few.Visit her shop here.

Fancy Ethnic Dress

In keeping with the global theme this morning I thought I'd present a potpourri of colorful ethnic dress from across the planet.There is no lack of inspiration in these ornate and fanciful costumes.Represented are costumes from Greece, Bali, Greenland, Thailand, Peru and Japan to name a few.Such incredible diversity....what a great world we live in, no?
Have a great weekend all and see you next week!
All images from my flickr faves group.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Photography by Sabra Krock

I love these yummy food photos by Sabra Krock who is a photographer that not only takes amazingly vibrant and beautifully styled images. She is also an avid cook as evident in her blog where she posts great recipes and complimentary photos.I don't usually post food photos on this blog, but these were way too pretty to pass on.....see more images from here.

Pretty vintage fashion

I absolutely adore the embroidery and detailing seen on these vintage outfits and christening gowns. This level of workmanship can really only be seen in the haute couture lines today, and who can afford those?So I collect pretty pictures and drool.....Images from Maria Niforos.