Friday, May 28, 2010

Artist: Anthony Freda

Anthony Freda is an artist/illustrator with a fairly impressive list of clients (Time, Rolling Stone, New York Times ) and as can be seen below he is "inspired by imagery from American ephemera", which is one of my personal passions as well. No wonder I love his work.I also really love the fact that his 'canvases' are found objects such as recycled wood or vintage chalkboards, a perfect compliment to his work.

Bo- Bedre Decor

Here's a hodge podge of rooms from Bo-Bedre's extensive home portfolio that I really like. They offer styles on their site that range from rustic and sedate to fanciful and feminine.I've always loved punches of color on a neutral background, especially if it involves the pairing of vintage and contemporary.That should just about explain most of these.{Love the striped bedspread and the pink chandelier}

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Richard Goullet

Richard Goullet is a french interior designer who bills homself as a creator of atmosphere according to his website, and I have to agree. His rooms engage and comfort perhaps because of the use of antique elements full of character and he also has such a wonderfully rich base to work with- ancient chateaus and rustic houses full of quirks and personality. Love the ornate stencils in metallic gold.