Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

I'm taking a few days to rest and recuperate....and enjoy my family.Have a wonderful Holiday Season and see you in the New Year ! Beautiful image above by Susan Gary.

Photography: Women of Afghanistan by Luke Powell

I was led to the inspirational portfolio of Luke Powell by the wonderful blog carmelcarmelo .Luke has travelled extensively throughout Afghanistan capturing many compelling images of the people, landscape and architecture. I've showcased some of his photos depicting women in this country, a topic of profound interest to me. I  just finished reading 2 books related to this issue ( Kabul in Winter by Ann Jones and The Bookseller of Kabul by Asne Seierstad) both heartrending accounts of life in Afghanistan  after the fall of the Taliban, which remains highly misogynistic and tyrannically unjust. I thought this a fitting post with which to end the year.My mini tribute to a brutally oppressed segment of the world's population- the Women of Afghanistan.

White on White Rooms

I find all-white rooms so tranquil yet cheery.I know some may disagree and need more color in their surroundings, but I am an equal opportunity interior swain......I can live happily with or without color.Image credits: 1-7. Marie-Claire Maison 8. beachstudios 9 and 10. visualvamp 11.  and 12.  roxxn                      13. colormehappy 14. decorno 15. artnlight

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Decor: French Style by Elle Decor

These images are from the book by Elle Decor : The Grand Book of French Style.It has a lavish array of french interiors by contemporary designers., representative of many different styles. As expected, with anything Elle Decor is affilliated with, this book is a beautiful work of art with many great ideas.

Parisian Boutique Hotels

I've  had a hankering to go to Paris lately. It's by far my favorite city on the planet.Not that I've been to them all, but I can't imagine a more perfect city.... perfect food, perfect architecture, perfect fashion and I adore the french language. The images above are from the book Parisian Hideaways by Casey O' Brien Blondes. because no other city does boutique hotels quite like they do......