Friday, July 16, 2010

Antique Linens and Clothing

I love the antique items featured in Maria Niforos' shop and have posted on her before. She has the most exquisite vintage lace, linens , shawls and fans, amongst other things. Maria is based in the US but will ship anywhere....just in case you just have to have that cute little purse....or beautiful cutwork tablecloth...or a vintage Hermes scarf......

Crazy Shoes

Take a look at some of the newest styles coming out this next season....soon.The over-the-top sky high heels and crazy embellishments on some are not really my style, although I think some of these are cute (love the high heeled maryjanes with the little daisies and the crocheted spikes at the bottom).I have enough difficulty walking in bare feet muchless on stilts masquerading as shoes. They certainly are eye-catching though.......Images from here.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paper cuts

I've been noticing a popular trend of these beautiful and delicate paper cuttings showing up in somewhat unexpected places....and I love it. Here's a small showcase of this art form, ranging from the contemporary to the traditional Chinese who perfected the craft. Hope to see more of these filigreed designs....the applications are endless, I think. Sources at the bottom, unless *ed- click * for link.

                * *     * Sources: 1-5 Paper Orchid. 6-7 Carrey Cookies 8-10 Polish Art Center 11 Country Living 12 13 Elsita