Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shameless Self Promotion

Hello blog readers, if there are any still left. I've been horribly negligent in posting as of late but I've been swamped trying to get my portfolio together for my first showing at Surtex. Incredibly, I have an agent willing to represent my work ( the gracious Jan Draheim at Painted Planet Lic. Group)  and we've been feverishly tweaking designs/collages and color schemes which is all very exciting and new but somewhat daunting. The most challenging aspect for me is putting cohesive design collections together- much more difficult than I first appreciated. Anyhow, above are just a few of the surface designs  I've been working on, randomly chosen and not meant to compliment each other, naturally. Most are first hand painted in acrylics or watercolors then scanned and photoshopped- time consuming but pure pleasure.....So wish me luck. Regular programming will resume after the show in May.
Take care til then.....