Friday, April 30, 2010

Photography: Sandra Lane

These images make me sooo happy.We're finally getting some sun today after several days of rain here in New England so I was in the mood for pretty, and these photos by UK based photogapher Sandra Lane more than fit the bill.On a slightly different note, I signed up for an online photography course that I'm really excited about.You can expect some of my humble attempts to be posted here.....and they will look nothing like these, I assure you. Should be good for some levity.......

Pale and Interesting

The uber talented stylist Atlanta Bartlett is very popular blogging fodder and at the risk of being passe, I wanted to share some of the items on offer in her Spring/Summer 2010 line of her online store Pale and Interesting. Her impeccable eye, evident in her beautiful images, is manifest in the choice of  goods here.I really wish, though, that a brick and mortart store would come to this side of the Atlantic.