Thursday, June 10, 2010

Islamic Art

As a fan of the highly decorative and ornate, islamic design has always been inspirational.No other culture does non-figurative/geometric design like they do, in my opinion. I love the details, the symmetry and of course, the richly contrasting hues.


  1. I just absolutely adore your blog!!!! Being a gypsy soul, I just love color, pattern and lot`s of visual inspiration...and you give me all of visit to your blog and I had my "fix"...thank you so much!! XX Gypsy Purple

  2. I fully agree these colourful,swirling patterns are gorgeous,they are so full of motion and make one's eye move with them and doing so there are many details to discover.Great you did a post on Haeckel's illustrations too,there is a similarity and it's obvious that nature was a great inspiration for this islamic art.(excuse me my bad english)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog,and yes that's my garden,thank you for your kind words,Renilde